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Indoor Radio

Having been doing men's fashion since 95 – and with a collection of stores that exceeds 100 units in all Brazilian states – Aramis standardizes its music branding across the country through Tecla Music Player on Rádio Indoor.


Unifying the soundtrack is a really cool way to keep the musical experience the same for everyone – it's worth remembering that your customer can consume the brand on a trip and recommend it to people from different states! And if service, communication and products are the same at different points of sale, music can be the same too 😉

Now, if the brand expands its business and creates a new product – like the birth of UrbanPerformance within Aramis – the personalization of (also new) communication is inevitable and adjustments to the sound, ditto. In fact, new brand > different branding > single track.


In streaming, our sound management for Aramis works on the pillars of music branding with moods that connect and bring the customer closer – generating brand experience. An example of this is the training playlist, available on Spotify. Search for the “Rádio Aramis” profile and press play!

Did you like it? Click here and discover the brand’s profile on Spotify 😉

Special projects

We look at Pabllo Vittar and shout: artist!!! Proving that she is versatile, global and an active voice for the LGBTQIA+ community, she signed Adidas' Pride collection with the message “Love Unites”.

Seeing Brazilian drag shining in one of the most valuable brands in the world fills us with pride. Participating in this project and helping to translate the campaign musically in collaboration with Vittar herself was also a source of pride here at Tecla Music.

“Pride is very important to me, so I am deeply honored to have created this collection with adidas to celebrate our community. My goal for the collection was to expand the lens through which we are seen – a color palette that embodies and celebrates the broad spectrum of identities in our community and the culture it influences” – Pabllo Vittar.

Helping brands and people translate campaigns or ideas into good sound waves is our vibe 😉

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Indoor Radio

Present in 20 stores spread across Brazil, California, Florida and Saint-Tropez – the label attracts celebrities such as Beyoncé, Gisele Bündchen and Pipa Midleton. And of course we help translate this resort living into music with Indoor Radio and Streaming services.


Create a sound identity aligned with the brand's pillars, which talks about Brazil in several languages. Taking this musical bossa to stores in different countries.


The development of tropical and sophisticated music branding, which provides a wealth of sensations. Curated with sounds that match summer in both hemispheres. Indoor radio personalized by store and geolocation.


For the brand's arrival on the French Riviera, for example, we prepared a musical curation that represents the perfect fusion between live well French with bossa brésilien. Charms aside, it was in the best mood resort couture 😉


While the Rio de Janeiro brand reverberates our culture through fashion, we manage the music – including playlists! Listen on Spotify and discover more of the Vix essence 😉

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Indoor Radio

Ever wondered how a retail giant creates experiences? Fashion and business combine with music! And if it goes with music, it goes with Tecla Music.

Having been in the market for over 20 years, Zinzane was born in Rio de Janeiro with the purpose of creating affordable, quality fashion. Since then, many looks have been developed and the company's good reputation has spread – there are now more than 170 points of sale in 25 states!

Of course, the brand sells online and has a strong digital presence, but when it comes to sensations... nothing compares to the touch of the fabric, the lighting in the fitting room and a good indoor radio – handcrafted by our music experts!

At Zinzane, we signed the music branding and boosted the physical experience with good sound waves – the kind that makes you want to stay, try it and even open that app that identifies what's playing.

And if you want to hear more, it's because the potential for a greater connection exists! Therefore, we also manage the company's streaming account and ensure the creation of playlists that match the target audience. There, you hear songs that have everything to do with Zinzane's light sound identity.

Fashion and music go hand in hand – Zinzane and Tecla Music too!

Indoor Radio


When a label wants to go further, the musical curation is Powered by Tecla Music.

If the subject is winning fans, Ellus has opened the show since the 1970s. With a legion in love with the iconic jeans, the Inbrands brand has spread its fame worldwide thanks to a young, contemporary, free and transgressive DNA.

Since then, there have been many launches, collaborations and events created by the fashion brand. The campaigns in unusual places and alongside iconic figures such as Kate Moss, Milla Jovovich, Cindy Crawford and Tom Munro also yielded good advertising memories from the 2000s – and likes to this day!

Far beyond the look and the models, photographers and national celebrities always made the band play. So of course, as experts in Music Branding, we are part of the brand's sonic conceptualization – from stores to its official Spotify profile. The brand's musical identity has a modern and sophisticated attitude. The tracks bring a mix between Pop and Indie, Hip Hop and Rock. In addition to Indoor Radio, which creates an atmosphere in the stores, this essence provides the starting point for Ellus' streaming playlists.

Are you curious? Press play to join this wave!

Indoor Radio

Naturally from Rio, curated Powered by Tecla Music.

The salty waters and solar winds of Ipanema in the 70s inspired Ricardo Ferreira's adventurous lifestyle – and the opening of the first Richards. For him – and his brand – the art of living (or adventuring) life is sailing, surfing and sea hunting. Since that time, the creator has maintained the mission of the boutique, which soon became a chain of stores, to be pleasure. And let's face it, there's nothing like music to make everything better, right?

Expansive and tropical, the brand's sonic identity is elegant and has that good Brazilian energy.

With bossa nova, samba, mpb, reinterpretations and b-sides, but also ranging from indie to international R&B, Richards' music branding is a musical journey – complete with good waves at all physical points.

In streaming, the Inbrands brand conveys the adventurous and traveling spirit with playlists inspired by journeys, collections and seasons. Connecting with customers is a success there, and of course we curate and update things in line with Richards' sonic identity.

Richards incorporates the holidays into his everyday life. Key controls the trip in one play!

Indoor Radio

Arezzo and the most famous supermodel in the world unite their steps to the sound of Tecla Music.

Arezzo's winter arrived with big spotlights. No wonder, in addition to an authentic concept that encourages consumers to illuminate their inner essence and move forward, the brand brings Gisele Bünchen as a reference that the catwalk is yours alone – and the path is yours alone too!

In addition to delivering a lot of posture, faces and catwalks in the campaign, on the brand's social networks the model gives tips on how she feels more powerful behind the lens. The “Giseles way” painting is a revelation of secrets that inspire everyone’s beauty – the comments are full of praise!

Of course, Arezzo, as a good Brazilian, also knows how to be a die-hard fan – in this case, pop is Bünchen. Over the years, the relationship between brand and model has become increasingly interesting.

In 2016, Gisele photographed herself in the Winter campaign. It was such a success that the muse made Arezzo's shares rise on the stock exchange. And since then, they have always been together. More recently, in Summer 2024, she was the star of the playful aquarium in “Dream On”. Needless to say, the launch event featured a dinner that stopped the internet!

Giving this combination even more meaning, we developed a special playlist for the Winter 2024 campaign. In “On my way”, proximity, connection and experience create the perfect tone to focus and reach your essence. Therefore, the track aims for elegance with releases to listen to every season.

Being part of this journey puts us in the front row 🙂

Indoor Radio

Between Copacabana and Ipanema, the microcosm that makes up the Hotel Arpoador lifestyle.

The 70's were iconic for the culture, urbanism and growth of Rio de Janeiro – and spread the Rio lifestyle to the rest of the world. By the sea, Hotel Arpoador was born in the refreshing rhythm of modernism – and it is clear that so much history matches the cosmopolitan, tropical and emblematic sound identity that we created for this space 😉

To create a vibe from the entrance to the hotel's common areas, surrounded by the solar energy of the coast, our curators developed an indoor radio track that matches the view – and the breeze, obviously! The playlists, which are on the hotel's Spotify profile, promote the space's 3 moods:


give one tibum or live by the sea


to stay relax It's Rio culture


after the magical view, live the night

In the rooms, you can play and enjoy the good waves with the bamboo speaker, an organic speaker project that we developed in partnership with the hotel. In addition to amplifying the sound, it is lightweight and can be taken anywhere – including buying it for your home 😉

Celebration, only if there is music! For Hotel Arpoador's half-century celebration, we made a playlist for each decade. Tip: start in 1974 and take a trip back in time – so delicious <3

Creating trails that match the view – and history – of Hotel Arpoador is our vibe 😉

Digital Experiences

Summer, protection and Raid combine with digital experience

No more mosquitoes around too?

Raid and Spotify have teamed up to present the perfect summer – without the sting, of course.

And if there's music, there's Tecla Music: here, we created the entire digital experience of the campaign, with a quiz that takes you to the right playlist for the hottest season of the year – without any mosquitoes getting in the way of your day!

For the campaign, we also created 4 playlists, one for each moment of the day at home. Which represents you best?

very early | acoustic tracks

noon | samba and pagode

afternoon | mpb

night | pop

Run to the hotsite and live this experience.

Indoor Radio

The hottest spot in Rio, powered by Tecla Music 😉

We are responsible for the musical identity of the desired environment of cariocas and tourists, Elena. It took months of study and immersion to arrive at the emotional identity – directing the musical strategy that is the face of the space: an entrance bar, restaurant, rooftop and dance floor.

Multisensory connections to sharpen your senses:

Alex mosque – mixology

Itamar Araujo – chef

Batman Zavareze – projections

And of course, Tecla Music – musical direction

A sophisticated, Brazilian, contemporary and unique musical identity – representing the main attributes that the brand carries – with iconic tracks, reinterpretations of classics and many new features.

The exclusive track encompasses the experience of each environment in the place – day or night – through Tecla Music Player, our indoor radio app created to serve stores and restaurants.

For streaming, we came up with 5 playlists that perfectly match the audience's behavior in different environments and days.

> lounge
> rooftop
> great gogo

> Sunday Brazil

> eleninha

The success expanded and so did the playlist! The new space – Eleninha – opened its doors in the neighborhood with a restobar proposal. Keeping up with the pace, we implemented more ways to sophisticate play and harmonize the senses on Spotify.

Indoor Radio

The pop footwear brand from the Arezzo&Co group has a musical identity, streaming curation and radio in points of sale by Tecla Music.

Since 2008, Anacapri's goal has been to simplify everyday life with quality, personality and of course, comfort!

With a diverse audience and around 1k models and colors produced per year, the brand fills the walk with good music!

To accompany this catwalk of creations, which range from the latest trends to the classics that are always in fashion, we developed a pop, light and trendy musical identity!

In addition to musical curation and monthly updates, we closely monitor Anacapri's calendar of releases and events, suggesting content and creative communication ideas in streaming.

We are thrilled to create with such a pulsating and feminine brand!

Indoor Radio

Shoes, bags, clothes & music powered by Tecla.

With almost 30 years in the fashion market, Schutz is largely responsible for giving a statement attitude to the looks of thousands of Brazilian women every year. The brand's modern footwear follows the refresh of fashion weeks across the globe.

In the store, the experience follows the modernity and power of the products. With contemporary shelves, cubic displays and cozy lighting, the shoes and accessories are displayed like true works of art.

To accompany so many sensations, of course we created a unique sound identity! The shopping trail is urban, lively and has that glam touch that perfectly reflects the Schutz style of walking around the world.

As the brand remains firmly at the top of consumers' minds, we also created lively playlists that explore current hits, pop, hip hop and tropical house – just press play to truly feel the fashionista attitude of this curation!

Developing trails as iconic as the steps with Schutz is our vibe!

Special projects

The largest global innovation and technology conference has a stage Powered by Tecla Music.

But what is RIW?

An annual meeting lasting 4 days, which brings together more than 100k people in the port area of Rio, bringing the most diverse themes – from agriculture to pop – always with an eye to the future, bringing together the biggest names in each area.

Of course, music couldn't be left out of this. Since the 2nd edition of the event, we have been responsible for Music Forward, the 100% conference dedicated to the topic, with special guests to talk about trends and behaviors in our industry.

And it doesn't stop there – in addition to the stage with lectures and tables, our program also includes special content, workshops, fairs and even cinema.

It's music, but it's also: innovation, data, artificial intelligence, NFT, streaming monetization, audio, podcasts, public policy, ESG, social agendas, cannabis, music & healing, neuroscience, women in the industry, copyright, sound art.

Among the various names and brands, the following have already passed through our line up: Spotify, Nelson Motta, Rodolfo Medina, Dream Factory, Ambev, Warner, Kaê Guajajara, Globoplay, The Summer Hunter, Benedita da Silva, Nando Reis, Atabaque, and yes, even Juliette 😉

Follow us to stay up to date with the latest news from the world of music.

Digital Experiences

The musical experience that unites gum, music and carnival is ours.

This carnival, Trident arrived with us to reveal her mouth based on the songs she sings the most.

And the best: in a campaign that has an exclusive musical track featuring Ludmilla's powerful voice.

Yes, one of the most beloved gum brands in Brazil invited us to develop an exclusive experience that reads your musical taste on Spotify and tells you what the vibe is in your mouth this carnival.

The technology identifies whether you listen to more danceable, upbeat, acoustic, live music, or even those karaoke hits to sing out loud, you know?


You can be the mouth that kisses, the one that laughs, the one that screams, the one that sings or even the one that shakes your chin and dances until you finish.

And it doesn’t stop there: for each of these 5 profiles, we put together a unique playlist with the best of what you listen to most – or should listen to 😉

Do you want to check the result?

Run on profile by Trident on Spotify and Unlock Play 😉

Digital Experiences

The most famous burger in the world with a musical experience Powered by Tecla Music.

We already know that the Big Mac is a snack that unites all tribes and tastes. But did you know that you can find out which of its versions suits you best – and even better, get an exclusive playlist for your style?

With this motto, we were invited by McDonalds and Spotify to musically support the launch campaign for the new Big Mac's – now in the Duplo and Bacon versions.

Here, we were responsible for developing a digital experience that discovered the right burger for you according to your musical taste – based on an analysis of your profile on the streaming platform.

3 burgers, 3 moods

At the end of the experience, each user receives a personalized playlist according to what they have been listening to to combine with their new favorite snack.

– Big Mac Bacon: Current Hits & International Pop.
– Big Mac Duplo: Current Hits & National Pop.
– Big Mac Original: National and International Nostalgic Pop.

Two burgers, lettuce, cheese, special sauce, onion, pickles and right playlist for you to enjoy.

Special projects

The Summer Hunter took the connections he created on the internet to real-world experiences.

The Summer House was the first of many occasions to bring your community together in a place to meet people, disconnect, toast, flirt, dance – or simply enjoy a good day.

Here we bring you a little more of what happened at this event that was the highlight of the summer and we were proud to be part of.

Swimming pool at Casa da Glória

If just knowing that Casa de Verão took place in this historic mansion in Rio de Janeiro doesn't already make you excited for the next edition of the event, you're all wrong.

Located in one of the neighborhoods in the heart of every Carioca, the mansion was an oasis in the middle of Rio's summer. The heat was killing, but the pool was open to cool off 😉

Lots of cool people

After so much time promoting online connections, TSH put together a program full of culture, with classes, talks and workshops, all designed to facilitate dialogue and create even stronger bonds – transforming followers, readers and listeners into friends, partners or collaborators. Real world, you know?

Powered by Tecla Music

You already know what that means, right? If you have Tecla Music, there's lots of good music to celebrate the solar side of life!

Here, we curated all the music for the house and put together an incredible program for the weekend, with shows and DJ sets that left no one standing still – from sunrise to sunset.


Because toasting life is our thing. <3

We are responsible for the brand's musical identity on streaming platforms, creating this new look following the release of the track Um Brinde à Vida, with Mumuzinho.

The brand – which is already super musical, following in the footsteps of the iconic Mussum – directed the content towards the ideal moments for beer consumption, always bringing people together to toast all the good times.

This action is a celebration of the brand's 10th anniversary – and we tested it here to prove that a party needs good music. 😉


If music is a universal language of emotions, we come to show that our case with #SoundOn is capable of surpassing horizons. <3

With the arrival of TikTok's music marketing and distribution platform in Brazil, the principle of our challenge was to popularize the Sound On profile on Spotify and ensure that its artists gained notoriety through relevant playlists within the platform.

Here, we don't even need to mention the importance of TikTok in the music market – being responsible for several promotions and (re)releases of tracks that reached unexpected numbers due to the viralization of videos and trends.

This way, after the release, our music curation work is to ensure that the distributor's artists continue with their tracks promoted in weekly release strategies within the 04 main playlists that speak to the funk, country, trap and summer to party genres.

Currently, the profile has playlists with thousands (!!!!!) of followers in our daily monitoring, management and performance work, making the musical selections grow and have an increasingly larger audience, of course 😉

To check out all the releases and news, just search for Sound On on Spotify.

Follow our work there <3

Digital Experiences

We guarantee that the art of washing clothes will never be the same again. 😉

From the North to the South of the country, if there is one thing that unites everyone, it is “jeez, I need to do laundry!”. With this in mind, we were invited by the brand to determine which OMO Vibes best suits each consumer's profile.

We defined 5 musical profiles with the most listened to genres across the country – Funk, Pop, Sertanejo, Pagode, Electro – in an experience where you answered an interactive quiz to discover your vibe, with color preferences, sounds and different moods of the day. 😉

In the end, the user was presented with a personalized playlist with the perfect musical behavior for them to listen to at that moment.

Because everything is better listening to music – including doing laundry. <3

Digital Experiences

If you could choose a single song to accompany you for the next 10 years, what would it be?

With this motto, Nubank invited us to the brand's 10th anniversary event, where you could suggest a track for the bank's time capsule: a special playlist with the songs that fans want to continue listening to for the next decade - now available on Nu's official Spotify profile.

The action revolved around a super dynamic quiz: with two simple questions about genres and rhythms, Nubank wants to help you continue to rock your moments musically – from today until the next 10 years.

Between Pop, Samba & Pagode and MPB – whether for the fast-paced crowd or the more relaxed crowd – in the end we take care of the ideal playlist for you, with the tracks that will accompany you, so you can experience the possibilities.

Because Nubank believes that, like the bank, music also has the power to connect people, strengthen relationships and make moments unforgettable.

Music is what moves us, today and always. <3


The musical identity of the restaurant that captures the hearts of everyone around the world is ours.

Much more than a restaurant, Outback is an experience and music, of course, is an essential part of this journey. Therefore, we were invited to prepare the brand's musical rebranding on digital, taking care of all the points that influence the connection between the public and Outback on Spotify.

New playlists, new look, new content, in a perfect union for the brand to always remain present and strengthened among its consumers.

Themed playlists to strengthen campaigns, in addition to playlists that present the brand's moods, with new features every month so that followers are always up to date with the good news from the musical universe.

The unparalleled flavor of Outback accompanied by the perfect track to listen to among the crowd – like the brand's Brazilianness campaign with the beloved Thiaguinho <3

To check out all the sounds – and choose your favorite! – just follow Outback’s profile on Spotify.

Digital Experiences

Love is in the air - in the form of a song – powered by Tecla Music. <3

In October 2022 we participated in the world premiere of one of the most watched films in Brazil in a Netflix production.

After the Universe provides a lot of emotions by sharing the trajectory of the character of Giulia Be, a Brazilian singer and actress who owns classics such as Menina Solta, Era Amor and Eu Me Amo Mais, for example.

To promote the film, we created a Digital Experience where the user could write a poem-playlist to send to someone. When choosing a musical genre and writing a message, the first letter of each word was represented by a song in a playlist made for you.

At the end, the profile received the playlist link to send the letter online to their favorite @. <3Check out the action and send your messages of love by clicking on the link: https://after universe.with

Special projects

Research, actions and directions that make it happen.

If for so many years we worked with curation and musical identity for brands, we ventured even further to create launch and campaign strategies directly with artists.

Thus, our project with Paralamos do Sucesso was born.

Our delivery involved data collection and performance analysis, positioning strategy on networks and platforms, creation of themed playlists on the band's profiles and directing digital actions to boost streams.

For delivery, we rely on our multidisciplinary curation and content team, including market curators, data scientists, performance scientists and UX Designer.

Reinforcing the band’s presence on digital platforms – from streaming to social media.

Digital Experiences

Better days will come
If summer days remain forever in your memory, how about a playlist made especially to enjoy these moments? 😉

We were invited by Droga Raia to create a digital experience within the concept of the 'Dias Melhores de Verão' campaign, offering the public the opportunity to have an exclusive musical selection for each user. After all, only we know how we like to enjoy the days of the hottest season of the year, right? <3

And how did it work?
We analyzed the musical genres you listened to most on the first day of summer and, based on your own selection, we created an exclusive playlist with the artists you consume most and new releases of the season to discover.

Yes, in one click the user could relive the emotions of the first day of summer – and create many more with new favorite songs.

Planning projects that impact people is our thing. Even better if it goes to the largest pharmacy chain in the country 😉

Digital Experiences

Music of The Spheres – one of the most anticipated tours in the world with a digital experience powered by Tecla Music. <3 

The band Coldplay created an out-of-this-world theme and launched a new tour in several countries. Planets and celestial bodies were featured in the shows in a visual spectacle that the group is known for constructing.

Bringing the audience even closer, we were invited to create an experience where fans can translate their musical tastes into these spatial elements that are part of the tour.

Our idea was to plan, for example, that your most listened to artists are the stars that shine brightest in your sky.   

Oh! Night or day? Yes, even the time you consume music most on Spotify can be revealed by experience – confirming whether your vibe is more solar or lunar. 😉

In addition to the dynamics – which introduces fans to the creative side of the tour – the user ended the experience by receiving a personalized playlist with what they enjoy listening to and + several of the band's favorite tracks. <3

Digital Experiences

Pride defines: we are responsible for creating the digital experience Increase the Volume of Your Pride, created for Spotify with sponsorship from Youtube Shorts.

We developed an algorithm integrated into Spotify's API that calculated the percentage of artists from the LGBTQIA+ category in the user's library – we showed listeners how and how much they consume LGBTQIA+ artists on the platform.

In the end, it presented the possibility of 'increasing the volume' of pride, generating a playlist that could go to 100% of LGBTQIA+ representation, enjoying the playlist and even choosing how many names from the universe the user could hear – and know!

The work was so special that we were selected by Spotify Advertising Hits 2022 – an award that celebrates brands, agencies and campaigns – as the Best Digital Experience of the year!

Too much, right?

Digital Experiences

Cinema's big bet in 2023, powered by Tecla Music 😉

We were invited to promote a big party: the launch of Barbie The Album – with the songs that are part of the most anticipated film of the year.

To celebrate this moment, we prepared a weekly stream party with the musical releases that are part of the album and invited the artists' fan club and digital influencers to promote the musical release – not only in Brazil, but throughout Latin America.

Digital Experiences

Which Anitta are you at Carnival?

We created a digital experience that confirms that for every mood, there is a perfect Anitta for you. 😉 

We were invited to take on a challenge: to musically translate profiles that speak to the Carnival theme and match each of the songs from the album À Procura da Anitta Perfeita.

This way, we created SOME profiles, such as: Queen of the drums, Don and owner of the ride, Apaixonad, Full of contacts and much more.

The best part: at the end of the experience, the user received a personalized playlist with tracks to listen to whenever and wherever they want. 

This is another case that we present here and reflects what we believe. After all, using music as a connection tool presents you with a universe of possibilities.


The launch of one of the biggest partnerships in the streaming universe, powered by Tecla Music. 😉

In 2023, Tim and Apple teamed up to deliver even more experiences for customers: all Tim Black users secured an Apple One subscription with hundreds of products on the platform.

To promote the news, the project included the participation of names such as Rodrigo Santoro, Iza, Pequena Lo – and much more! – which appeared in communications throughout the country.

 The launch of the partnership featured a poem-playlist, where the song titles – when read in sequence – formed an interactive and fun text.

To make things even better, a team of digital influencers promoted the playlist, impacting more than 90 million followers on social media.

Entertainment, quality, safety and innovation.

Just the way we like it. <3


A Good Holiday is a Non-Stop Holiday!
We packed the April 2023 holidays for you to enjoy without having time to end. 🙂

We have prepared three playlists with different themes to play during the holidays: Family Trip, Holiday with Friends, Relax and rest.

Easy and quick, with the idea of enjoying the moments that really matter, without wasting that boring time on things that don't matter.

Even without the holidays, you can check out all the musical selections on Sem Parar's Spotify!

Special projects

Fresh Sounds for Mentos! <3

We were responsible for the playlists of the Mentos + Spotify campaign, which guaranteed a year of premium subscription for hundreds of participants.

We thought about giving a boost to different day-to-day situations – from that energy to start the week or a little extra strength during moments of physical exercise.

Therefore, we prepared six playlists that appeared on all the gum's special packaging, introducing new artists and songs to the public and helping them explore a new world of music.

The campaign ran for a few months in 2021, impacting thousands of people across Brazil.

It’s great to follow how sound branding provides infinite possibilities for actions, right? 🙂


The evolution in the musical identity of one of the brands best known to Brazilians.

First, a recap: If you didn't already know, we are responsible for the musical identity and playlist curation of the Chás Leão brand.

Our purpose was to sound the 'É Bom Pra Quê' campaign, presenting different moments where it is possible to witness the brand in our daily lives.

Leo is culture, Leo is moment, Leo is sound.

In this way, we present a new stage for the brand in the streaming profile – following the digital repositioning of the campaign across the country.

Now, we create a connection with the public's feelings, following each person's moment – whether for those who are happy, tired, in love, focused or wanting that extra dose of energy to get through the day, for example.

The brand's desire to connect product consumption to everyday moments of pause led us to build new playlists and musical selections connected to consumers' main desires – Chás Leão is good for my moment.

The desire to build a brand that consolidates and evolves musically, keeping pace with our customers is ours. <3


Creating 267 playlists in record time could only be Tecla Music's doing. 😉

To celebrate the return of one of the biggest festivals in the world, Tim, the festival's sponsor, presented the #AMúsicaNãoPara campaign.

The proposal was made in streaming, with our creation of 267 playlists on Deezer in the form of a countdown – one per day until the opening of the festival.

In record time, we prepared selections with more than 6 thousand hours of songs in 24-hour playlists, perfect for those who wanted to enjoy different artists at any time. <3

Indoor Radio

Connecting people and dogs with good music too 😉

If you have a pet, you've certainly come across the most charming skull logo out there. So it is. Since 2012, Zee has positioned itself in the market loaded with what young people call branding.

Marc Jacobs, Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa have already been spotted walking around with the famous collars.

And if we talk about music, its sound language is urban, full of rap and hip hop beats and verses.

Oh, and everything is done by four hands: Thadeu Diz, CEO of Zee and long-time partner of Tecla, gets involved giving his musical insights: 2Pac, Kendrick, Denzel Curry, Fugees and many others cannot be missed. 😉

It's been 10 years of taking care of store trails/streaming profiles/playlists of collections and prints/events and openings – and much more. 

It's a lot of musical experience for one brand 😉 And you can listen to all Zee playlists on the official Spotify profile: Zee.Dog Sounds.

Indoor Radio

A democratic, diverse and inclusive brand, with more than 50% playlist focused on national music. Thus, we built Vivo's Sound DNA <3
Of continental proportions, we looked to Brazil in search of sounds that suit each region where Vivo has a store. Therefore, the brand's trail is full of regional touches in the different states. 

At the brand's request, our curation team considered the balance of race, gender and age of the artists to package the stores' sound, in line with Vivo's institutional positioning.

To make things even better, our musical selection arrives at Vivo stores throughout Brazil using NEOOH technology, specialized in out-of-home digital experiences.

Whether through the creation of a musical identity or our multiplatform curation, let us manage your sound.

It's music branding that speaks <3

Indoor Radio

Its stores are all over Brazil: Ellus, Richards, VR, Second Floor, Salinas, Herchcovitch;Alexandre, Selaria, Bobstore and Tommy Hilfiger – one of them has already made your head (your body and even your feet 😉 at some point in the life.

It all started way back, with Richards and Salinas and, since 2009, we have also taken care of Ellus, one of the most musical brands in retail and which is still with us today. Recently, we created engagement actions for Ellus at Rock in Rio, including Spotify codes in labels and store windows.

Now, we are the music branding agency for all brands, responsible for creating sound identity, curating tracks, store radios, streaming profiles – as well as online and offline actions for more than 300 points of sale across the country.

Indoor Radio

A fashion brand present in the market for almost 40 years, Colcci has the strength of music as one of its pillars – sponsoring the latest editions of Rock in Rio and investing in campaigns with artists, such as Brazilians Anitta and Alok.

That's why we couldn't hide our pride when we were invited to create the musical rebranding of all stores across Brazil. Yes, colcci is now powered by Tecla Music
Turn up the volume, this is Colcci. 😉

Indoor Radio

Get along well with the world, respecting cycles, processes and materials.

Defending the search for conscious consumption at every step, the brand plans and evaluates the impact of consumption on the industry at every stage.

Oh, and we don't even need to say that besides everything, the products are beautiful and very comfortable <3

With this in mind, we built a musical identity that presents the brand's positioning, translating the comfort and freedom of listening wherever and whenever you want.

Thus, Sonoro DNA was born, with tracks that connect you with nature and provide that roadtrip feeling – with the wind in your hair on a beautiful sunny day.

We take care of everything from the songs played in the Alme store, to the playlists on streaming platforms, with the Spotify profile always full of news. This way, we keep the brand cycle alive, the way we like it.

What a partnership, huh? <3


The Basics of Brazil, now also in music.
How we developed the digital strategy, on streaming platforms, of one of the biggest and most relevant brands in Brazil. 😉

To begin with, we analyze and study the brand's positioning, understanding how it behaves and talks to the consumer.

Then, we dive into existing concepts to create a new proposal that musically translates the new positioning designed for Hering.

Thus, we created the “soundbook”, with the musical pillars defined for all platforms – generating brand desire and engagement with the public. Because nothing like good music to bring us together 🙂

The result is a sound identity with the most essential aspects of Brazilian music, featuring everything from new artists that are on the radar to classics of each genre.

To make things better, you can listen to our musical selections on your favorite platform. Play!

Indoor Radio

Innovation, technology, information – and lots of good music. How we connect Itaú Personnalité to a unique and powerful musical profile. 😉

The Itaú Personnalité Investment Center positions itself as an experience for market investors. The musical identity, of course, also needed to follow the same rhythm and concepts as the brand – from physical to digital.

That's where we come in. <3

With this in mind, we use music as a guideline to open dialogue with the new generation of investors, understanding that, by positioning itself musically, the brand offers a welcoming experience that is even more present in its customers' daily lives.

Thus, we became responsible for the musical curation of the Investment Center, one of the most important and strategic points in São Paulo, in Faria Lima.

The environment, which was designed for the meeting of young investors – with content, information, news and lots of entertainment, called for that quality soundtrack, right? 😉
In addition to the music curation, we created a series of spots that help set the informative tone in the space and, in this way, position the new Itaú Investment Center to engage with its audience.

There is music everywhere – and we are here to show you the best ways. 😉

Digital Experiences

An unprecedented initiative that celebrates the biggest names in the scene and recognizes their success and impact on Brazilian music. Yes, of course we would be part of the Creme Festival – the Trap and Funk playlist that became a real-life experience. 

We were invited by Spotify to develop promotional materials and boost communication for the event that promotes one of the biggest playlists in Brazil, with more than 1 million followers on the platform. 

More than seeing and hearing,
It's time to interact with the scene. 😉

Some names that passed through the festival: OROCHI . BIN. MC DAVI. MC DON JUAN. MC IG. CHEF.

Digital Experiences

The campaign that arrived to show that all Brazilians match country people is our thing. 😉

Brahma prepared a project that got people talking, showing that every Brazilian has a feat with country music during the most important moment of the scene in the country, the Brahma Sertanejo Circuit.

And, to prove that they are not wrong, we were invited to create a digital experience where an automatic reading of your Spotify profile could be carried out to discover – within what you are listening to – what percentage of country music and other genres you listen to the most to give feat.

To make things even better, 4 ambassadors were chosen to represent the main genres of Brazilian music:

Pericles with Pagoda | Marina Sena with Pop | Mc Daniel with Funk | Simone with Sertanejo.

The result?

DanceNejo, PopNejo, PagoNejo, FunkNejo and much more, in a personalized playlist for you. 😉

Indoor Radio

The radio for the biggest women's footwear brand in Latin America is now Tecla Music 😉 

Through immersion and research into the Arezzo universe, we created a sound aesthetic that musically manifests the brand's spirit to its audience.

Our project involves sound identity and music management, from physical to digital – in more than 400 stores across the country.

The perfect trail from head to toe. <3


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